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Highly passionate classical music teacher with 20+ years of expertise. Trained in classical Indian music theory and performance. Collaborates with Bollywood singers and celebrities, bringing real-world insights into the learning process. Strong background in office/legislative administration. Committed to fostering student growth.

Mumbai, India

Music Teacher

01/2002 to Current Assisted Bollywood musicians with voice cultivation in order to produce excellent music for upcoming films and

Instructed students in Indian classical music, fostering a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage. Developed personalized lesson plans to accommodate individual learning styles and skill levels.
Taught classical Indian vocal techniques, particularly the Hindustani Classical music genre.
Guided students in mastering complex rhythmic patterns and melodic structures.
Organized and conducted group music lessons, encouraging collaborative learning experiences.
Prepared students for performances and competitions, showcasing their musical talent and progress. Introduced students to Indian music theory, enhancing their understanding of its intricate nuances. Cultivated a supportive and inspiring learning environment, motivating students to excel in their musical journey.


Assam, India

01/1988 to 01/1991 Cultivated an inclusive learning environment, inspiring student engagement and academic growth.

Utilized technology and multimedia to create interactive learning experiences.
Aligned curriculum with regional standards, driving significant improvements in student performance. Collaborated with parents, ensuring a holistic approach to student development.
Implemented effective classroom management strategies for a focused atmosphere.
Encouraged student critical thinking and discussion using variety of teaching techniques.


Assam, India

01/1992 to 01/2002 Conducted comprehensive research on India’s complex legal and policy issues to inform legislative initiatives.

Engaged in legislative hearings and meetings, providing expert insights and analysis.
Prepared concise and effective summaries of legislative documents.
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to analyze proposed legislation’s potential impact. Monitored legislative developments and political trends, advising on potential opportunities and risks. Contributed to the preparation of reports and presentations for legislative advocacy efforts.

Managed translation of legislative documents in Hindi, Assamese, and English.

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